Milano Collection

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Milano collection is the result of many years of tests in fashion digital fabrication.

The goal is to produce garments starting from digitized parametric patterns and give customers the chance to customise them.

At the moment there are six garments: a jacket, two pants, a dress, a tank top and a shirt … but the Milano Collection is constantly evolving!

Milano Collection Presentation

Presentazione @ Manifattura Milano CAMP – Luiss Hub

Fashion Digital Night

Altaroma July  2019


Photo: Giuseppe Fabris @beppardo

Style: Silvia Cadelano @silvia_carbonero

Model: Lina Majauskaite @lina_majagram

Mua: Tania Sartini @tania_sartini

Technologies used for make the milan collection

Software open source: Valentina CAD/ seamly 2D, Inkscape.
Hardware: Lasercutter, macchina lineare.