Emotional shirt

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The emotional shirt project expresses the wearer emotions with games of light and colour.

By studying the body language and capturing postural attitudes, the shirt changes the colour of seven elements positioned according to an isometric shape printed in 3D directly on the silk part of the garment itself.

The production process makes each 3D printed element an integrated part of the garment, creating an indissoluble bond between the emotions, their representation and the person wearing the garment.

Emotional shirt Presentation

Presentation  @ Manifattura Milano CAMP and Arduino Day РLuiss Hub

Fashion Digital Night

Altaroma July 2019


Photo: Giuseppe Fabris @beppardo

Style: Silvia Cadelano @silvia_carbonero

Model: Lina Majauskaite @lina_majagram

Mua: Tania Sartini @tania_sartini